Howard Langmead - social commentator, comedian & cleric
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The Anglican and The Atheist features the Reverend Howard Langmead, Anglican priest, stand up comic, laughter workshop facilitator, husband, dad and dog owner - he's the Anglican, or for listeners in the US, he's an Episcopalian.

He talks about religious news and issues big, small, serious, strange, Christian and otherwise from around the world with Brett de Hoedt - the atheist.

The show is released weekly and lasts about 20 minutes. This is the world's leading Anglican podcast.

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Hootville Free Range Radio

If you like Anglican and The Atheist you may enjoy Brett's other show.

Hootville Free Range Radio ruthlessly exploits a rotating cast of regulars including serial wife and biographer Sash Fong, grumpy young woman Kylie Northover, corporate culture thinker Jason Clarke and pet philosopher Dr Rod Graham.

The show takes in politics, pop culture and assorted items in a tongue in cheek manner. It throws in Rants on Demand, poetry and updates from the African nation of Togo (just because he can). It is smart, funny, fresh and better produced than most podcasts. It is released weekly and runs around 30 minutes.
Or just subscribe this URL: //