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Santa elbows Jesus aside
By Howard Langmead

Published in the Melbourne
Herald Sun
My Say
Thursday, December 2, 2004

Santa Claus has come to town, but baby Jesus has been refused entry. The secularised, commercial Santa cult has little connection with celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

St. Nicholas, the Bishop of Myrna, credited with leaving anonymous gifts at the homes of poor children, has been de-canonised and forced to serve the gods of commerce and greed. Others say this is multiculturalism, showing respect for other faiths. But who wants a secular Christmas?

Muslim and Jewish people do not object to Christians celebrating their faith. They, too, want respect for their religious faith and practice.
Australia can model a secular state and a multi-faith society. The anti-religious agenda, as seen in the French banning of religious dress in schools, is unacceptable.

Celebrating Christmas while banning reference to Jesus is a secularising trend. The away-with-the-manger agenda does not promote a multicultural society but a secular, faith-denying culture.

Rev. Howard Langmead
Vicar, St. John's Anglican Church West Brunswick