Howard Langmead - social commentator, comedian & cleric
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Peals of Laughter:
Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2014

Laugh and Ye Shall Receive - Read about Howard's Laughter Workshops in The Age

Howard Langmead is a member of the International Society for Humour Studies. He has been trained as a Laughter Club leader by Dr Madan Kataria. He has run Laughter Workshops for:

• Conferences
• Corporate staff groups
• Health professionals
• School groups
• Home And Community Care (HACC) Training Seminars
• Volunteer Resource Centres
• Benetas (Anglican Homes for the Elderly)
• Parish pastoral visitor training seminars

Clients include PowerCor Australia and National Australia Bank

The workshops are tailored to the needs of the group. As well as comedy and laughter the workshops include topics such as:

Laughter is best medicine -
It produces endorphins, our body's natural painkiller. Studies suggest that laughter can:
• Boost the immune system
• Improve blood circulation
• Lower blood pressure
• Make the heart stronger
• Reduce stress
• Stimulate the nervous system
• Relieve pain
• Increase energy levels
• enhance concentration & memory
• relax the muscles

Laughter gives:
• emotional release
• mental flexibility
• spiritual perspective

Reclaim Laughter!
Children laugh 400 times a day & adults laugh 15 times a day.
Conversational Laughter: only 10 - 20% of laughter follows a punch line.

Choose Laughter
We choose our perspectives and beliefs
Humour is the choice of a way to describe life and events.

What do people laugh at?
What is positive humour?

Share Laughter!


For more information email Howard via the contact page.